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This page is about my love for all things Jon and Stephen. Links below and to the right may contain RPS. You've been warned.

Fake News stories on AO3
Two Omelets, Expectingverse ficlet, Teen, ~1000 words, Tracey, locked to andthatstheword members

here it is: a fanmix for jon (list of extra songs)
Two Jon/"Stephen" mixes: Unconditioniness (goes with erinptah's Expectingverse) and Okay, All Right, You Win
Starving Hysterical Zen: general fanmix for the shows

Tapings, Signings, Pilgrimages, etc
Visit to Stephen's Portrait at the National Portrait Gallery
I Am America signing at GWU
TDS Taping Report: 7/17/2007
con.txt panel 2008: recap & recs
John Hodgman at the Boston Book Festival 2009

Visual Imagery
Jon picspam
Cross-stitched TDS logo
Stephen birthday cake (melannen decorated it)
video: My dramatic reading of an excerpt from I Am America