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X-Files: Signs & Wonders

Fake News: Zen & Thunder

Doctor Who
Doctor Who stories on AO3
Doctor Who stories on Dreamwidth
Doctor Who stories on Teaspoon
recs: my "favorites" on Teaspoon
art:melannen's TIEMCAEK. (And the Poison Birthday Cake of Rassilon she made me!)

Stargate stories on AO3
Stargate stories on Dreamwidth
fanart: Cross-stitched SGA Logo

Boston Legal
Boston Legal stories on AO3
fanvid: Alan/Denny, trailer for S3 (wmv)
fanmix: 22 songs featured in S1 and S2 (Currently down to save space; email me if you're interested.)

Pirates of the Caribbean
POTC stories on AO3
POTC fanvid: The Ballad of Jack & Will, Jack/Elizabeth
fanart: J/E banner image

Star Wars
filk: Brown Robe/Light Saber
filk: Jaina Begins
filk: To Be A Jedi
fic: Break, drabble (100 words), Anakin & Obi-Wan at the end of ROTS, PG.
costumes: Halloween 2006. Also, two videos.
mood theme: Darth Vader in comics (.zip)
collection: LibraryThing

Miscellaneous Fandoms
Star Trek cake and Enterprise model
BSG cross-stitch: A Viper
Dark is Rising Sequence stories on AO3
Jurassic Park stories on AO3
Jossverse stories on AO3/Dreamwidth
Spike's journal for the RP game Love of Fate
The Dark Tower fic: Things Half In Shadow (Are Halfway In Light), PG-13, Roland/Jake, for Yuletide 2008
The Dark Tower fanmix: 19 for the Dark Tower
mood theme: Mary Poppins (.zip)

recs: "fanmeta" tag on my
recs: "ficrecs" tag on my (See also: other assorted tags)
recs: "fic recs" tag on my DW, various fandoms, various ratings and lengths